February 19, 2010

Authentic Movement

I participate in an Authentic Movement group, which allows dance and imagination to work together. Whenever I look out the third floor windows of the Clothespin Factory during our Authentic Movement group, the river seems tinged with the color that moves us. When February opened its flood gates to chickadee twitters, the river turned green. The following week, I noticed icy blue slabs, raised to shore by January flooding, piling the banks like houses of cards. Yesterday, as we moved into the indigo of intuition, the river flowed with deep, roiling blue.

The sun manages to shine its luxurious reminder as we work. Even if for a brief moment, I feel its heat on a toe, see it skim a spine or trace a window's rectangle on the gray padded floor.

What is Authentic Movement?
from www.authenticmovement.org

Authentic Movement arose as a conjunction between Jung's concept of active imagination and modern dance movement improvisation. Movers improvise and explore spontaneous gestures and movements with their eyes closed, following inner impulses in the present moment. Some times called a movement meditation, Authentic Movement cultivates a contemplative frame of mind, clarity of perception and responsive movement and stillness of body and mind. The particular relationship between mover and witness, in moving and being seen by another, creates a non-judgmental and powerful framework within which this work takes place.

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