February 16, 2010

Good Morning February

It's mid-February in Vermont, which means that we start to hear the chickadees change their morning tune to a plaintive call of "spring soon, spring soon....".
Let's hope it comes sometime before May!
Creativity abounds this time of year: winter is slowly lifting its snowy hibernation blankets and showing signs of warmth. When I notice the evening light lingering longer or smell the earth in the breeze, I get excited about new possibilities, such as:
>>Writing as a daily practice and am trying my hardest to write a bit each day. This blog is a good way to get started.
>>A handful of collages, which I will hang at Kismet in March. Come see the show! It is titled "The Gold Thread" and will encompass images from my life. Kismet is remodeling during the month of February, so you will be able to enjoy their culinary delights in an updated atmosphere. www.kismetkitchen.com

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