January 21, 2011

Passion for the Language of Food

Growing up in Italy taught me that, by honoring food traditions, we restore meaning in our lives and remain connected to the earth that feeds us. This childhood teaching was reinforced by living in Bali, where I learned that everything is alive.

Even though life's form changes through the alchemy of activities such as cooking, its essential vitality persists. By working as a whole foods cooking teacher, I encourage myself and my community to connect with sources of nourishment and feel more vital during everyday experience. I trust that food is alive. When we work with it, we speak our life stories, which often become a teaching for others.

I notice that, when people gather to cook food, shared experiences inspire greater depth. When someone inspires, he or she literally 'breathes in', affirming the life force that constantly re-establishes harmony between self and environment. This balance allows us to be in the world with enthusiasm. This word traces its etymology to the Greek word theos, 'spirit'.

I raise awareness of nourishment's many forms through a culinary discovery process, which demonstrates how the language of food affects our lives. When we recognize ourselves in the context of what we eat, we gain a greater capacity to adapt to a situation and thrive. By appreciating our roots and embracing them through preparing and savoring creative meals, we breathe, speak our experience, and remember the life force that connects all beings.

On Bali, daily offerings to the spirits are sculpted from foods such as rice, meat, and fruit.

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