August 21, 2011

Menu Planning for Freshness

Research reflects that fresh foods are often less expensive than processed ones. So, let's consider how we might gain access to these foods and set aside time to prepare them. 
>>Once a week, schedule 1/2 hour for yourself to browse through cookbooks and blog posts, choose seven dinner recipes, and make a menu plan. If you would like a menu plan worksheet, email me at
>>Once a week, spend an hour shopping for the items in your seven dinners. Purchase extra quantities so that you can make leftovers for the next day.
>>Set aside time to cook. Two hours weekly, when spent effectively, can yield most meal prep for the seven days ahead. When you are cooking, revise your notion of breakfast and lunch. You can have quinoa, rice, or oats for breakfast with fruits and nuts. You can have pasta for lunch with hard-boiled eggs and salad. Make spice blends that are ready to add to simple grains, proteins and vegetables.
>>Savor your food with friends and family!

Below, we are making spice blends for easy use. This one, which I call Mediterranean Mix, contains rosemary, lavender, basil, thyme, marjoram, and oregano.

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