September 11, 2012

Cooking Lesson

I recently taught a cooking lesson as a wedding anniversary gift for a Vermont couple. They were willing and excited participants in the learning! 

Read the blog post about their experience:

Here is a snippet, written by Katy Furber for her blog, Non-Toxic Kids:
My husband looked at me the other day, while we were cooking dinner. He said, "I would really like to learn how to cook, I mean really cook."

I quietly took note. I thought, now that would be a win-win. 

See, I cook most of the meals in our house. I like to make a mess, not follow recipes, combine mostly whole foods, and just see what happens. Sometimes this works well. Many times it does not. I have never taken a cooking class, although I read a good bit about whole food cooking. 

1 comment:

Marie Frohlich said...

YOU Rock Lisa.. what a wonderful Blog Post by your Client.. super tips and almost felt like I was there in the kitchen with you. Definitely must do more of this out there. BRAVO!

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