April 21, 2014

Traditional Recipe Exchange

Spring Equinox, which falls around March 21st, has passed, and most traditional cultures have celebrated a time of rebirth. I honor the many traditions of spring and renewal that usher us into this profound and often abrupt transition between winter and spring.

Many spring traditions world-wide feature certain ingredients.
These are the traditional foods for Norooz, Persian New Year:
Sabzeh: lentil, barley or wheat sprouts growing in a dish, symbolizing renewal;
Samanu: a thick, sweet pudding made from wheat germ, symbolizing affluence;
Senjed: dried fruit of the lotus tree, symbolizing love;
Sir: garlic, symbolizing medicine;
Sib: apples, symbolizing health and beauty;
Somaq: sumac berries, symbolizing sunrise;
Serkeh: vinegar, symbolizing age and patience.

A traditional dinner for Norooz is Sabzi Polo Mahi, a rice dish with whitefish and green herbs like parsley, coriander, chives, dill, and fenugreek. Here is a Huffington Post article about Norooz.

Do you know a spring food tradition from your heritage?
Send me the recipe and its origin and I will send you my Italian traditional spring recipes in return!
Email your submission to lisa[at]harmonizedcookery.com

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