May 10, 2015

The Journey of a Thousand Miles ...

...begins with a single step.

- Lao Tzu, from the Tao Te Ching

You are at the root of wellness. Each day, you choose it by doing small, simple things for yourself that promote well-being. Non-judgement is an important one for me. I try to notice my choices and have compassion for myself. If I am not happy with the outcome, I remind myself to make a different choice next time.

For example: when I do not eat a protein-packed breakfast, I overeat at dinner and get a stomach ache. Next time, I will try to eat more protein at breakfast.

Here are three simple ways that you can build the foundation for making healthy choices. These suggestions will support you to hear your inner voice and trust your instincts as you navigate the day's events.


Most of us need at least seven hours of sleep each day. Sleep improves our vitality and memory, lets our muscles rest so that we can use them effectively tomorrow, and promotes strong immunity and good digestion. 

To get better sleep, engage in peaceful activities for an hour before bed. Read, watch a soothing TV show, take a bath, or drink tea and exchange a foot massage with someone in your household. 
If you meditate, do so for five minutes before sleep. Send yourself love and compassion. Good night!

Eat Wholesome Meals

Whether you make vast changes all at once or take a single step at a time, healthy eating is the foundation of well-being. Small changes add up. Even when I choose to eat something that's not ideal for me (sweet potato fries are my favorite!), I know that my system is resilient enough to handle that choice and bounce back.

Healthy eating looks different for everyone because we are all unique. Here are some healthy eating meal plans you can follow. See whether or not they resonate with you.

Move Your Body

Have fun with movement! As with healthy eating, exercise needs are different from everyone. Some of us need to accelerate our heart rate (not above 140 beats per minute) for 20 minutes 4 times weekly. Some need to train for marathons. Others need gentle stretching, isometric muscle building, and relaxation.

Whatever your needs are, honor them in a way that bring you joy. When we move our bodies, we send them the message that they are useful. This is a key to longevity. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". I can support you in your journey and provide tools and education for you to heal yourself.

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