Classes at the Harmonized Earth Education Center

Join us for learning opportunities at the Harmonized Earth Education Center.

The Center is a regenerative homestead and earth-centered learning environment. We host retreats and workshops that help people connect with nature to explore health and deep nourishment. We believe that equity, mindfulness, and engagement create the foundation for individual and community resiliency.

Contact Lisa: lisa[at] 802.598.9206

Located just 3 miles north of Montpelier, Vermont, this is an ideal location with space to roam the woods and meadows. Click this link for directions.

Motherhood Collage Workshop

with Amy LePage, Emerge Yoga and Lisa Masé
at the Harmonized Earth Education Center

During this workshop for mothers, we will explore contemplation, guided meditation, and collage-making to tools to connect with your journey as a mom. We will relax, drink tea, and enjoy this creative time together.

Sliding scale $20-30 includes tea, snacks and all materials
Questions? Email Lisa or Amy.

Click this link to register and pay via credit card or PayPal.

The Blessing of Illness: a health retreat for well-being

with Molly Bernardi Smith, psychotherapist and Lisa Masé
at the Harmonized Earth Education Center
Saturday, September 24th from 10am to 3pm

Explore the root of illness and find pathways to wellness, peace, and acceptance. Nurture yourself, learn self-care practices, express yourself through creativity, and engage in meditation. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired to continue your healing journey.

$175 includes materials, meditation guide, lunch, snacks, and handouts.

Click this link for details and to register via credit card or check.

Regenerative Design

with Jesse Lovasco
at the Harmonized Earth Education Center
July 2017

This class is an introduction to a broad topic. It will focus on the question, “What is regenerative?” It doesn’t matter what you are designing; a song, a toolshed, a home or landscape. We will discuss the wisdom of the past and how what we design today affects the future.

How do you engage with creativity that is vital? How does it impact your body, life, your community and watershed? How do your values direct your design and how do you implement changes that make a difference? How is permaculture best utilized?Handouts, documentaries and written exercises will enhance your experience.

Jesse is an Art and Writing graduate from Vermont College, has received Certificates in Family Herbalism from Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, Permaculture from Whole Systems Design and Regenerative Design from Yestermorrow.

$45 includes all materials
For questions and to register, email or call Jesse: | 802.229.1453

Mother Nurture Yoga Retreat

with Amy LePage, Emerge Yoga
at the Harmonized Earth Education Center
Sunday August 6th from 9am to 4pm

Nurturing YOURSELF places priority on your health and well being, which means you have more energy, patience and steadiness to offer your loved ones. Modeling self-care for your children will gift them with the possibility and potential to do the same – creating cultural change in the circles closest to you. This can’t help but radiate outward to others.

Includes yoga asana, meditation, breath work, delicious lunch, snacks, and time outside.

Click this link for details and to register.

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