Custom Healthy Eating Programs

This two-week, food-based cleanse includes: recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and mindfulness tips. I will tailor the program to your needs and health goals based on a simple assessment.

You will feel vibrant and gain personalized nutrition tools for healing.

Culinary Medicine Consultations

Are you ready to eat more whole foods, boost your energy, and stay healthy?
Email Lisa for details and to schedule a consultation:

Since 2009, I have been helping people heal chronic conditions with food and develop healthy eating habits. I work with those who want to make a lifestyle shift as well as those who have diagnoses such as Celiac, Crohn's, Colitis, IBS, and Diabetes, Cancer, IBD, SIBO, Hashimoto's, and auto-immune dis-orders.  

I am certified in Sustainable Food Systems through the University of Vermont and continue attending courses on Culinary Medicine and Mind-Body Healing with food.

Prepared Meals

Do you need prepared meals tailored to specific dietary needs?

I can help! I will prepare meals that meet your needs. I can also prepare food for loved ones who are in need of support. Discounts apply when ordering multiple batches of meals.  Email Lisa for details.

Food Business Consultation

Are you ready to start or grow your food business?

Based on my experience as a kitchen manager, restaurant owner, and business consultant, I offer complete business planning for start-up and expansion of both product-based and food service enterprises.

I offer professional consultation on recipe development and menu planning and design. 
Reduced rates for contract-based collaborations - Email Lisa for details.

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Healthy Eating Program

Need to detox, uncover food allergies, feel nourished & satisfied?

I will tailor your Program to your dietary needs and health goals. Programs include shopping lists, prep/menu plans, recipes, mindfulness, & nutritional recommendations.

Click here to try a FREE sample of the Healthy Eating Program.

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